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Flow Meter Calibration Services

Flow meters require calibration due to equipment failure or aging, and over time the flow meter accuracy may drift. A regular calibration program can keep you in compliance with regulatory requirements, and verifies that your process meters are running as desired to provide preliminary warnings that equipment is or may be failing. A typical calibration involves using traceable standards. This ensures that your meters will be accurate. Independent results are then supplied for each meter. Maintaining accurate calibration of measurement instruments can help municipalities save money on repairs and maintenance.

ACS calibration services include:

- All Fischer and Porter Magnetic Flow Meter Models (50XM, 50XE, 50PZ, MagX, and more)
- All ABB Magnetic Flow Meter Models (WaterMaster, ProcessMaster, MagMaster, and more)
- All Krohne Magnetic Flow Meters (EnviroMag, OptiFlux, IFC)
- Toshiba IF404/434 Magnetic Flow Meters
- Rosemount 8712 and 8732 Magnetic Flow Meters
- Sparling Magmeters
- Foxboro Magnetic Flow Meters
- All Totalizers and Recorders in the Flow Loop
- Flumes
- Ultrasonic Flow and Level Meters
- Differential Pressure Transmitters

Testing the accuracy of flow meter systems requires a number of separate test routines. A report is given for each flow meter and test as it verifies its condition and performance. These reports meet the standards of state and local regulatory bodies.

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