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PUMP Vision Touchscreen Pump Controllers

Automatic Control Services is an exclusive representative for the PUMP Vision line of "Smart" controllers. PUMP Vision is a color touch screen based level and booster system commonly used in lift stations, water wells, and other pressure booster systems. They are the easiest to use controllers on the market and simple to configure and operate. They have the ability to sequence up to four pumps as required, monitor all motor electrical conditions, and communicate to remote locations. PUMP Vision comes in a variety of sizes, and each unit has a 0-10V or 4-20ma input to connect to any kind of revel sensing device.

PUMP Vision Logo jpg

PUMP Vision PV600 Touchscreen
Side-View-PV1200-4-Pump-Level-Mode-2 PUMP Vision PV1200 Touchscreen
PUMP Vision PV2 Touchscreen (Up to 2 pump control)
Typical PUMP Vision System
PV Diagram

Features of PUMP Vision

- Has the Ability to Sequence Up to 4 Pumps

- Simple to Configure and Operate with Step by Step Set-up

- Security and Passwords Standard

- Level Control: Display of Level and Set Points

- Trending Graph

- Fault Log on Screen

- Onboard Built-in Inputs and Outputs

- Easy to Understand Displays

- Monitor Pump Conditions

- Elapsed Time, Start Counter, Duration Timer

- E-mail and Text Message Notification of Alarms

- Remote Accessing with No Hidden Fees

- Data and Event Logging with Downloadable Event Log

- Expansion I/O Cards Available


PUMP Vision Brochure PDF


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