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St. Charles Case Study

The City of St. Charles, Illinois produces water for its residents from seven well sites. As with many municipalities that use well water radium levels have become a concern, and when limits are exceeded the radium must be removed. In St. Charles, Well 3 and Well 4 required radium removal. The SCADA requirements for monitoring and controlling the radium removal process needed to be resolved. Additionally the water hardness of the well water needed to be reduced.

The City of St. Charles has a city wide fiber optic network that is managed by the city’s IT department.


Solution and Results

Automatic Control Services (ACS) worked with the City’s engineering firm to develop a SCADA plan that best suited the SCADA requirements. The plan is as follows: 
  • Three Allen-Bradley SLC505 (Ethernet enabled processors) based control cabinets would be installed in the radium removal plant. Control cabinets PLC 1 and PLC 3 would be  supplied by Automatic Control Services and PLC 2 would be supplied by the radium removal and water softening systems supplier.
  • One Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1100 based remote control cabinet PLC 4 would be provided by ACS.
  • The existing SCADA Human Machine Interface software would communicate directly with each of the PLCs via the existing Fiber Optic network.
ACS programmed PLC 1 to control all of the water production processes required for plant operation which included:
  • Wells 3 and 4 control.
  • Three high service pumps control.
  • Control of the valves from the radium removal process, the water softening process and raw water from the wells. These valves are utilized for blending the processed water to achieve an operator adjustable ratio.
  • Collect data from and provide control commands to PLC 2 (radium removal and water softening processes).

ACS programmed PLC 3 to control the chemical mixing procedure required for mixing Sodium Permanganate, Manganese sulfate and water to produce the Hydrous Manganese Oxide required for the radium removal process. 
ACS programmed PLC 4 to monitor the existing finished water reservoir. This cabinet also monitors and controls and existing solenoid controlled valve station.

Automatic Control Services worked closely with the design engineers during the development phase to help ensure that the SCADA system is an integral part of their newly constructed station.

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